Li Dong Photography

“China’s modernization means internationalization. The remarkable characteristic of this is African people moving to China, looking for business and other opportunities. So I am focusing on these two groups, people from villages moving to cities; Africans, Indians and people from the Middle East moving to China”

Baby with Mother, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpg

Night Market, Africa Town, Gunagzhou*.jpeg

Midnight Train above Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpeg

“The African people in China are intending to seek development, business opportunities or a better life. They have to fit into the Chinese environment, but the process is very painful because African cultures are quite different from Chinese ones. As, are their lifestyles”

In the rain, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpegVibrant Market, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpegStreet food, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpeg

“It is an ideal state. In an exhibition themed “An African Community in Guangzhou”, I proposed a concept. The African people in China are intending to seek development, business opportunities or a better life.”

Man reading Kuran, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpegStreet Alterations, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpeg

“We proposed to build an independent gas stop, or space. They can live on, one street, a little African community where their friends and relatives gather together. For instance, they go out to work on weekdays and return there on weekends. In the community, they can talk with their countrymen and friends, experience African culture and life. It is a buffer or fuel station for them. On Mondays, they continue to adapt to the Chinese environment and culture shock.”

Breakfast in Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpeg

After dark, Africa Town, Guangzhou*.jpeg

“The government has a different plan. They don’t believe it’s proper to dismantle the community and suggest that they live amongst other communities. Maybe the street is too close to the core area of the government.”

Photos Courtesy of Li Dong
Quotes: Li Dong, The Black Orient, 2016

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