Senior Editorial Consultant

Company Name: Beijing Review

Dates Employed: Jan 2017 – Present

Location: Beijing City, China

Print and Video Editorial Consultant for Beijing Review monthly publication: ChinAfrica magazine

  • supporting editorial staff in all activities leading to publication
  • writing articles and reports;
  • amending articles;
  • collating the work of several authors
  • proofing, editing and writing online content including via social media;
  • organising and researching projects to tight deadlines;
  • summarising written material;
  • correcting manuscripts;
  • Interviewing
  • Video Production
  • Training and best practice presentation
  • dealing with the administration of work commissioned to freelance writers, picture researchers, photographers and illustrators;
  • liaising with other in-house teams, writers, photographers, printers, designers and production staff to negotiate and monitor timescales for stages in the publishing process;

News Editor

Company Name: CCTV News+

Dates Employed: Jan 2016 – Jan 2017

Location: Beijing City, China

• Managing and Training Chinese sub-editing team
• Liaising with team of IC’s and CCTV News directors
• Editing, Writing International and Domestic News
• Editing/checking shot-lists and soundbites
• Copy editing; Fact checking
• Writing and Checking headlines and slugs
• Maintaining cultural sensitivity when writing domestic news

Media Teacher

Company Name: Minjiang University

Dates Employed: Sep 2014 – Oct 2015

Location: Beijing City, China

• Media Discourse

• Film and Media Analysis
• News and Magazine article writing
• News worthiness and Ethics
• Western and Eastern editorial practices

Film & Media Teacher

Company Name: Heilongjiang International University

Dates Employed: Sep 2013 – Aug 2014

Location: Harbin, China

• Syllabus Construction: Film Noir and American Gangsters

• Exam design and invigilation
• Devising teaching calendar with semester objectives and expected outcomes
• Offering mentorship and consistent monitoring of self-study work
• Editing teaching material and school literature

Senior Business Content Editor

Company Name: Meerkats Security Limited

Dates Employed: Apr 2010 – Aug 2013

Location: London, England

• Business write-ups; profiles; proposals

• Write and edit promotional packs
• Write and edit website content
• Write and edit press releases
• Write recruitment and training literature




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